To dream is free, hustle is sold separately. Doing anything half-ass will not get you there, I stopped thinking i was being used, Innovation sets apart the leaders from the followers, and nobody can use up your kindness, the more you give, the more you’ll have.

Do something impossible everyday, just make sure its for the good welfare of others. Being afraid and excited just fires the same chemicals in your body, so be happy and excited that you are afraid of what you are about to do, just of the thought that this could be your breakthrough and finally set you off the ordinary.

Never settle for anything less than your dream, especially of what you really desire. Achieve it, not alone but with the help of the people that truly believes. There is no such thing as “Self Made” everyone got the helping hand of someone else to get them where they are. Exude gratitude towards them. Seeing people fade away made me realize that you don’t stop pursuing what you want because you got old., You’ll grow old when you stop chasing the dream.

Challenges are wrapped gifts., you just have to open your presents. Do not be afraid to fail, do not be discouraged that you helped the wrong people before, it’s all in the past. even if you did fail several times, look at the bright side, you just found ways on how things won’t work.

Be bold, trailblazing your way in revolutionizing whatever industry you are in right now. make a brighter future for the generation that will look back on us and let them be grateful that we have paved the way.

Mentor the noob, inspire the hopeless, encourage the dreamers of today, don’t just survive.., Revive!

If you want to get wealthy, decide on it., and please stop making that line like “i don’t wanna be super rich, I just want a simple life”. Oh well, guess what., everyone has family or someone important to them, if you don’t have a dream for yourself, have them included on your equation then tell that again to yourself… get rich, get wealthy, stop dreaming about it, do it. it’s not for you., it’s for them.

We do not attract who we want, but who we are. the same equation will apply on money. the amount of money you attract is the exact equation on how you externalized it. quit internalizing money, start externalizing and hold it with both hands. All the money that you could possibly need has been printed already, find good ways to go grab it.

the “rules of the lid” explains how you could only control everything within your capacity, may it be your family, work, friends, everything on your domain only grows exponentially to the extent that you are. Get Better.

Find your purpose in life, and find a business that supports that purpose. “purpose is not about if you love it or not, it’s what you are meant to be” it’s a far fetch from the old saying “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Find purpose, Get it done.

Invest on you dream, Grind now, Shine Later!., Hustle until you no longer need to introduce yourself.


Jonathan Floreta

Assigned Properties